Interesting Low-Carb Science

My comments on A Life Saving Diet – The Ketogenic Diet…

Here is a short video documentary about a science team who found that blood glucose levels can be reduced and kidney failure can be reversed in rats by feeding them a ketogenic diet. This discovery surprises them and one scientist states they want to replicate the diet with a drug!

So what has happened here? First, they feed rats a high carbohydrate diet to induce diabetes and kidney failure. The documentary does not state this, but that is how it is done. Then they provide a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet and discover this reverses the symptom of kidney failure. Now they want to design a drug to accomplish what can be done with the ketogenic diet. This is ludicrous, but I do not think it is all about a pharmaceutical profit motive. Instead, I suspect they are driven by the well-established myth that high fat diets are unhealthy.

It is irritating that scientists studying effects of a ketogenic diet seem to only know about institutionalized myths and are ignorant regarding actual nutritional science. Still, it is interesting science.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Low-Carb Science

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