My Five-Star Rating and Comments on The Big Fat Surprise

I left these comments on Amazon after reading The Big Fat Surprise: The basic facts about the story of low-fat diet advice were no surprise. Personal research and experience had already led me to realize the benefits of a low-carb diet. However, this went way beyond the basics and I learned a lot!

The Big Fat Surprise is really an excellent book. But it is not just facts that makes this so interesting. Teicholz puts it into a narrative of how smart and well-meaning people have affected all of us for the worst due to human ego and greed. It was kind of shocking to learn about some of the foibles that have happened concerning nutrition. She takes the story to the present day where similar behaviors are perpetuating a disaster in health. The Big Fat Surprise will contribute to eventually reversing the trends of metabolic syndrome. That’s huge so this is a critically important work. I have already become more careful to avoid heat-processed vegetable and seed oils. I was dipping carrots in ranch dressing (soybean oil), but not now. The story of oxidized vegetable oils and how health institutions used to recommend trans fat was really interesting. I was aware of some of the issues with polyunsaturated oils though I had no idea that, after nearly getting rid of trans fats, we are still left with a lot of potentially toxic compounds.

Nina Teicholz has written a fantastic book. Anyone interested in health should make this one a priority.



2 thoughts on “My Five-Star Rating and Comments on The Big Fat Surprise

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