Human Diet Perspective

jnwillits - carbobydrate consumption timeline

After 2.5 million years of eating minimal sugars, grains, and seed oils, people are addicted to (and are suffering from) a radical new diet. Sugars and grains are ubiquitous and common foods have recently begun to include unusual amounts of heat-processed vegetable oils. Food industries, governments, and medical institutions endorse and promote this way of eating and the resulting chronic diseases have caused alarming levels of pharmaceutical sales.

Our first 1.5 million years of human diet history is omitted from the graph, although it would show the same 18 percent consumption level. For time perspective, if the history of mankind were represented by a distance of 100 meters, the last 100 years would be within the final four millimeters. If the complete 2.5 million year history were shown on the graph, the recent spike of carbohydrate eating would be so thin it would be nearly invisible. A graph to illustrate consumption of heat-processed vegetable oils would appear similar to the one for carbohydrates, except the vegetable oil consumption would be depicted as a flat line on the x-axis until modern times.

The time the graph shows is enough to make the point that our switch to eating sugar, grains, and seed oils is an extreme change.