An interesting lunar feature…

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) got the following images which are shown on the northern polar mosaic at this link:

I became interested in an area at the edge of a crater named Plaskett near Plaskett U after watching this video:

At about 4.5 minutes into the video, the commentator discusses what looks like a road near Plaskett U in the area of the red rectangle shown below.

This area is most likely on a slope so this “road” feature may be from rolling rock. The feature vectors away from Plaskett U and toward Plaskett. However, there’s some things that make me wonder about this…

The “road” has a geographic feature at both ends. It starts from a tall structure, which may not be too peculiar if this was caused from gravity. If it is from a rolling rock, it could have ended in countless other locations. However, it ended at a crater. A light colored object appears at the end of the feature near the small crater. Perhaps that rolled and caused this. That seems like the most likely cause, but I’m not sure so I think this is interesting.

plaskett and plaskett u with box

The “road” extends from the upper left of the photograph to the lower right. I don’t know how tall the feature on the lower right is, but it casts a shadows that is significantly larger than anything else in the area.

The feature appears to have received an impact after it was made.

road termination 2 650x500

Another possibility is this is collapsed lava tube, although this is straighter than examples of ballistic lava flows elsewhere on the moon.