This site is mostly about healthy nutrition with low-carbohydrate Paleo and ketogenic ways of eating. It includes notes I’ve made about eating minimally processed, real food and avoiding sugars and grains. There’s other stuff here too. I’m passionate about health, but I include anything that interests me here.

Whether you are a vegan or include meat and dairy in your diet, the benefits of eating nutrient-dense real foods without excessive carbohydrates are unequivocal. Processed foods high in carbohydrates and polyunsaturated vegetable and seed oils are now the primary product in grocery stores. I believe the huge shift to eating high carbohydrate diets, coupled with the sudden rise in consumption of heat processed vegetable oils, are the main reasons for the current epidemics of chronic metabolic diseases.

Carbohydrates are not essential nutrients since our bodies produce glucose as needed from fat and protein. Although it would be impractical and unnecessary to eliminate carbohydrates, there are huge benefits to minimizing them. The most damaging chronic disease epidemics, such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease could be nearly eliminated through low-carb, high quality fat nutrition. References to the science regarding this can be found in many of the sources linked from this website.

Most people still follow low-fat dietary guidelines promoted by food industries, medical institutions, and some governments. High-carb eating has become ubiquitous to the point where consuming an excess of 100 pounds of sugar per year now seems normal to many Americans. Sadly, the consequences if this have become profoundly negative.

Damaging health effects and costs of the high-carb low-fat diet were the norm for 50 years and this needs to change. The blog post titled Reversing Health Trends outlines the problem. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the consequences of high-carb diets, although there is a growing number of medical doctors, scientists, and science writers who are working to correct this. This movement inspires my health posts.

Here is a summary of my notes: Jeff’s Basic Health Notes

Also, see my artical about dietary guideline changes that need to happen: Comments for the USDA 2015 Dietary Guidelines

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